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Shipping Container Storage Products & SeaCan Accessories


KW Materials Handling is your # 1 source for shipping container racking, sea container shelving units, hanging seacan storage racks, tire storage racks, cantilever racks for inside and outside of shipping containers, mezzanine kits to double your storage space, seacan ramps and all other storage container accessories.  We carry the largest inventory in stock for immediate pickup or delivery all across North America.  CLICK HERE to visit our KWIK-STOR container website for additional information, specs and pricing.



KW Series Container Shelving


KW Series widespan shelving units are the most popular storage solution for shipping containers, seacan's and storage units.  Our economical KW series storage racks come in more sizes and have more decking options than any other container shelving system on the market.  We keep thousands of components in stock on our KWIK-SHIP program so you dont have to wait to start maxing out your container storage space.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION, SPECS AND PRICING.





Shipping Container Cantilever Racks


Our hanging seacan cantilever racks are the most versatile storage racks for sea containers on the market.  Installation is fast and simple with no special tools or skill required.  Simply hang the column on the hooks inside your shipping container and than click your arms into place.  You can select how many columns and arms you require.  The arms are fully adjustable and you can put them anywhere on the columns.  As well, you can make the arms straight or keep them on an incline for storing pipes or other products that would roll off straight arms.  Our columns and arms come in many different sizes unlike the competitions racks you that are not adjustable and you can't choose your width or depth.  Our racks give you the ultimate in adjustability and you can choose the size that works best for your application.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION, SPECS AND PRICING.







Shipping Container Mezzanine Kit


KW Materials SeaCan mezzanine kits are the cheapest and easiest way to double your storage space in your shipping container.   Our economical seacan mezzanine kits allow you to add an extra level or multiple levels of storage to your sea container.   Max out your storage to eliminate dead space and utilize all of your containers available room.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION, SPECS AND PRICING






Shipping Container Storage Bins



Our heavy-duty galvanized seacan bin system allows you to safely hang bins to the sides of your shipping container.  You can make just one section as shown or you can run them down the entire length of your shipping container on just one side or both sides.  Our bin system allows you to store heavy parts that you wouldn't be able to do with plastic bins.  The galvanized construction offers decades of rust free life so these bins will literally last forever.  We offer our bins in different sizes to suite your application.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION, SPECS AND PRICING






Shipping Container Ramps


KW Materials Handling makes sea container access ramps in different sizes and heights for your specific needs.  Our container access ramps are locally manufacturered so the quality is superior to ramps made overseas.  We have different widths of ramps available and when you purchase a ramp from us we ask you what height you require so you get a ramp that will be perfect for your container because not all containers are the same inside height.  Don't waste your money with a cheap imported ramp that is the wrong height and won't work for your application.   Our ramps have optional security chains to keep your ramp in place as well as fork cut outs so you can easily and safely move your ramp around or into it's resting position.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION, SPECS AND PRICING