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GM 5131 Style Wire Baskets


KW Materials Handling is your source for new and used GM 5131 style heavy-duty wire mesh containers.  We have sold thousands of these used automotive containers.   These bins are super heavy-duty and offer years of reliability for the automotive industry.  The standard dimensions on the GM 5131 wire mesh containers are 54" x 44" x 38"high.  They come with a half drop gate on the 54" side.  Constructed of heavy-duty wire mesh sides and floor.  These containers are rated for 4000 lbs and stack up to 4 high.  Fork stirrups are on the 54" side and they have pin feet for positive stacking. 


                                                                       NEW GM 5131 STYLE WIRE BASKETS




                                                                   USED GM 5131 STYLE WIRE BASKETS








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