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Wire Mesh Decking



Our welded wire mesh decking solutions are designed to provide additional safety for pallet rack applications throughout your warehouse. Wire mesh decking is a popular option that will increase the safety and efficiency of any warehouse storage application. Pallet rack wire mesh decking is far superior to wood decking due to its strength and safety features. Whether you are loading full pallets or hand stacking small cartons on your pallet rack, our wire mesh decking gives you the most strength and versatility for changing applications, while meeting local fire code requirements.

No tools necessary, our wire decking installs with ease. The wire deck drops effortlessly into place and rests on the pallet rack beams. Additionally, the mesh design prevents dust from accumulating and allows light to filter through each storage level.

Have a specific wire mesh decking requirement? We maintain the largest inventory of pallet rack wire decking and we manufacture custom sizes and styles for all storage and pallet rack wire decking needs.


7 reasons to buy wire decks from KW Materials Handling...



1.  We stock thousands and have the most sizes that ship on our Quick Ship program

2.  High quality powder coat finish - best in the business

3.  Mesh design allows you to store boxes, drums and smaller items

4.  Meets fire & safety requirements by enhancing sprinkler performance

5.  Open design for quick visual inventory checks

6.  Self cleaning, maintenance free

7.  Easy installation.  No hardware, just drop in place