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Magliner Hand Trucks


KW Materials Handling is Canada's source for Magliner Handtrucks.  We stock hundreds of trucks and replacement parts and are the only Magliner repair facility in the region. We have the lowest pricing and fastest delivery guaranteed.  We can repair your broken cart while you wait and have you on the road again in no time.  We carry the following Magliner products...

  • 2 wheel hand trucks
  • Hand truck replacement parts
  • Bottled water trucks & keg trucks
  • Hand truck accessories
  • Magliner brake trucks
  • Gemini convertible hand trucks
  • Multi position and collapsible handtrucks
  • Appliance hand trucks & heavy duty trucks
  • Self stabilizing ( SS ) handtrucks 
  • Stackers & lift hand trucks
  • Aluminum platform trucks
  • Curb ramps, slider & posi-step ramps, walk ramps
  • Magliner pallet dollies & aluminum dollies





Magliner Handtruck Replacement Parts


KW Materials Handling is an "official" Magliner stocking dealer.  We have hundreds of the Magliner replacement parts in stock to get you up and running again. We understand that timing is everything so we stock a huge variety of frames, noseplates, wheels, handles and accessories all in house.  Don't waste your valueable time waiting for another dealer to order the parts you need, we have them in stock for immediate pickup or delivery. 






Standard upright hand trucks are great to move objects that weigh about 500 pounds, but there are times when the short nose plate isn't sufficient. There are times when a longer, flat surface to load larger items is required. In those instances, having a convertible hand truck will give you the flexibility you need. A convertible hand truck is one designed with the flexibility of converting to a platform truck.

A convertible hand truck is valuable in many situations, such as moving a home or office. They permit you to move a greater variety of items, or several items at once, making a job easier and increasing productivity.

Aluminum convertible hand trucks are lightweight and durable. With many popular Magliner models of convertible hand trucks for sale, you can find one right for you whether your need is commercial or for home use.

A convertible hand truck is designed for use for years to come. They can carry 500 to 1,250 pounds. Whether you need a hand truck or dolly for your home, business, church, for moving furniture, moving a student into a dorm, moving boxes of books or supplies, or carting boxes of donations or supplies to set up for an event, you can find a hand truck for any occasion.

Convertible and collapsible hand trucks from Magliner are great solution to moving 500 to 1,250 pounds. So, if versatility is what you want, a convertible hand truck will give you the ability to carry loads in an upright or vertical position. Shop today for a large variety of convertible and collapsible hand trucks.





Since 1947, magliner aluminum handtrucks have been lightening the load for millions of Magliner users.  Magliner manufactures the highest quality lightweight hand trucks and route delivery equipment in the industry.  With countless combinations,  you can pick the components to build the ideal truck for your application.  Call or e-mail us for a complete Magliner product catalogue or follow this link to the complete magliner parts list.



Magliner Powered Handtrucks & Carts


KW Materials carries all the Magliner powered carts and trucks including


  • powered stairclimber handtrucks
  • powered lifting hand trucks & motorized trucks
  • magliner dewar carts
  • motorized hopper carts
  • motorized U-boats
  • motorized Gemini trucks
  • liftkar powered hand trucks