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Pallet Racking Accessories & Services


Pallet Racking Accessories:


KW Materials Handling is Ontario's # 1 source for pallet racking accessories.  We stock thousands of different accessories to protect, install, access and improve your racking system. Here is a list of pallet racking accessories we carry...


  • Pallet supports / safety bars

  • Wire mesh decking

  • Column guards and protectors

  • Rack safety netting & back screens

  • Row spacers & row ties

  • Anchors, shims, locking pins & hardware

  • Fork entry bars, drum cradles & skid channels



Pallet Racking Installations & Services:


KW Materials Handling offers the following services...


  • Pallet Rack installations, racking teardowns & rack relocations

  • Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews / PSR certifications

  • Plant Layouts & 3D Drawings

  • Pallet racking repairs, inspections & certifications

  • Racking buybacks