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Pallet Flow Racking


Pallet Flow racking is the best solution for First In / First Out ( FIFO ) applications.


Operational Considerations:


  • Advantageous for low SKU counts, with high activity and pallet in / pallet out or pallet in / case out, where strict FIFO is required.

  • Selectivity typically reduced by 80% vs. Selective.

  • Flexible as to lift truck selection - eliminates driving into racks, required with Drive-In, and segregates replenishment from picking activity, eliminating lift truck contention

  • FIFO ( First in, First out ).

Space Savings:


  • Pallet Flow lane depth varies widely, depending on application.  Overall storage area can be reduced by 35% vs. Selective, in a typical 6 deep application.


Cost per pallet position:


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