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Let KW Materials Handling maximize your space with a mezzanine or structural storage platform.  We have designed, supplied and installed mezzanines throughout Ontario.  Contact us today and we can give you a budget price.  We have helped companies nearly double their space without a costly expansion or moving to a new facility.  Take advantage of your unused space.  KW Materials can help you finance your mezzanine with a lease to own option that can allow you to make manageable monthly payments.


Structural Mezzanine


Enhance operational efficiency at your facility by expanding vertically and turning overhead space into a work platform or storage area. Mezzanines allow you to gain the space you need without incurring the cost of new building construction or leasing. These versatile structures create new areas for manufacturing, storage, and offices at the lowest price possible.














Rack Supported Mezzanine


KW Materials Handling has supplied many mezzanines throughout Ontario.  We designed, supplied and installed a large rack supported mezzanine just down the street from our location at the Waterloo Regional Museum for their curatorial centre.  KW Materials can help your business increase space and efficiency with a mezzanine designed for your application and budget.








Metalware Shelf Supported Mezzanine


A shelf-supported mezzanine is a multi-level structure, also referred to as a “Catwalk” or “deck-over” structure. It can be planned to be positioned on top of metal shelving, or wide-span shelving. This type of warehouse storage mezzanine can have different deck types, depending upon the additional square footage’s purpose. Much of the time, additional shelving is placed on or extended through the mezzanine. A shelving-supported warehouse mezzanine is very common in automotive parts departments or in areas where more shelving space is needed than existing floor space can accommodate. Shelf-supported storage structures are ideal for the following applications...


  • Automotive parts storage and inventory

  • E commerce pick, pack and ship facilities

  • Retail distribution centers

Benefits of Shelf-Supported Mezzanine


Cost-Effective Expansion


One of the biggest challenges facing warehouse storage facilities is outgrowing your current footprint. Maintaining the chain of supply and demand means having adequate storage, but as your business grows, so do your storage needs. Shelf-supported mezzanines, or multi-level storage structures allow you to expand your storage and order picking without moving to a different facility or costly construction.

Efficient Storage and Inventory Management

Optimizing your warehouse facility space is one of the keys to a successful operation. Shelf-Supported Mezzanines allow you to make the most of the vertical areas in your warehouse to increase storage capacity.