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Push Back Racking


Push back racking is similar to drive-in racking, but the product comes to you.  This eliminates driving into the rack to retrieve pallets.


Operational Considerations:


  •         Advantageous for medium to low SKU counts, with medium to high activity and pallet in / pallet out.

  •         Selectivity typically reduced by 60% to 75% vs. Selective.

  •         Flexible - may use counter-balance or reack trucks.

  •         Eliminates driving into racks, required with Selective.

  •         LIFO within the lane, but modified FIFO may be achieved by sequential picking of lanes.

Space Savings:


  •         Overall storage area can be reduced by more than 40% vs. Selective, in a typical 3-deep back to back system.

  •         While footprint is similar to Drive-In, utilization rates tend to be higher, resulting in even better space savings.

Cost per pallet position:


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